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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Book Review: The Devil's Dream

The Devil's Dream

Matthew Brand had it all...a wife and son he loved, a successful career as a Genetic Engineer, and fame for being known as the most brilliant man on Earth. When his son, Hilman, is killed by cops, Matthew's world is shattered and he grieves the only way he knows will heal his sorrow. He takes revenge on everyone who played a vital role in the case. Matthew wants his son back, and the way to get his wish is by taking the lives of his son's killers, using their bodies to bring Hilman back to life. 

After being caught and cryogenically imprisoned at "The Wall," a place where scientists can study his remarkable brain, Matthew escapes, hellbent on finishing The Devil's Dream he started. He is hunted by F.B.I. Agent Allison Moore, a woman who is willing to sacrifice everyone she loves to catch this mad genius.

This feat proves rather difficult as Matthew Brand is no ordinary fugitive, but a complex one with the highest level of intelligence mankind has ever known. How do you capture a man who is not one, but two steps ahead of you? 

Reading this book reminded me of Frankenstein with a strong presence of Stephen King. The Devil's Dream is a wonderful blend of science fiction and horror, and it takes talent to combine them in a plot that will capture the interest of a reader. How many writers are capable of doing that? David Beers pulled it off magnificently. 

One of the things I liked was the way this author drew out each character's personality and emotions as they took centre stage. I was able to understand the "hows and whys" of their actions and opinions, and even sympathised with them occasionally. The ending took a surprising turn and sealed my admiration for David Beers.


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