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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Calabash International Literary Festival 2014

Jamaican Beach

I'm unable to participate in the upcoming Calabash International Literary Festival, which is held at Jakes, Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach. Jakes is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth, on the south coast of Jamaica. It is situated on a spectacular beachfront property with white sand. The property is owned by the Henzell family, who are actively involved in producing Jamaican films and literary productions.

The property also includes the popular Jakes Hotel and Jakes Restaurant located further on the compound. Earlier this year, friends and I spent a day at Jakes Restaurant, eating seafood and swimming. It's not always easy to swim at this location, due to the rougher currents, sea weeds and rocks that are sometimes embedded in parts of the sand.

The south coast is not as developed as the north coast, where tourists tend to gravitate, and the sea is much calmer. That's what makes the south coast more appealing to me. I get to swim in more natural surroundings, where turtle nests and other wildlife can be found among the rocks and bushes.

The 3 day festival is open to anyone who wishes to participate and share their writing, and simply have a good time, enjoying the variety of talent that this festival is known to produce. Salman Rusdie will be one of the authors who will be coming to Jamaica to perform in this cultural show.

I would have posted this sooner, but the festival dates were published late April, and just got the time to write about it, as the AtoZ April Challenge was in full swing. That's why I'm not prepared to enter this festival either, but may attend as a spectator. Next year I will certainly be on schedule and make the announcement much earlier.

I have seen a lot of talent on various blogs, and on Google Plus. The link below will share more information on this popular Jamaican festival. It would be terrific to have you join me on stage in this exciting event next year, or in one of the workshops that they host.

Stephen Marley


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